Sprachreise der 5A/BHLEL in Malta 08.10.-15.10

Saturday, October 8th

Finally! The 5A and the 5B departed for their language trip to Malta today. So far: lots of smiling students, a few sandy feet, one missing piece of luggage and great pictures taken by Tobias.

Sunday, October 9th

Lessons learned on day two:
1. Bus drivers in Malta and Gozo have a really tough job.
2. Josette is a fun and very knowledgable tour guide.
3. If students are given the option between freetime and guided sightseeing, many voluntarily pick sightseeing!
4. Felix and Raphael take great pictures with their drones.
5. Gozo has great beaches.
6. You should always pack your own swim suit – just in case.

Monday, October 10th

When we booked our language trip, we decided against England and for Malta because of all the sunshine we would get here. Well, not today! Music, snacks and fun students kept up the mood, though. We are planning to return to Valletta in the sunshine tomorrow to enjoy this beautiful city even more.

Tuesday, October 11th

Why do students run out of the school building during the breaks? They hurry to the next food stand to fill up on Pastizzi – traditional Maltese pastries filled with ricotta, peas or chicken. In the afternoon we enjoyed different activities. While some of us spent time at the beach, others were planning to have their hair cut and get their nails done. A few also went back to Valletta to learn about Malta’s dramatic past, wander through the narrow alleys and look for souvenirs for loved ones at home.

Wednesday, October 12th

If you think a cactus is only a decorative plant, you are proven wrong in Malta. Today we tried the cactus fruit prickly pear that grows all over the island for the first time. It´s sweet and delicious and its consistency reminded us of watermelon.
Even though our bus driver tried to keep us from seeing the Dingli Cliffs due to road works, we managed to get there on our own. Afterwards we had a guided tour in the old capital city Mdina. Our guide made students reenact historic scenes in the narrow cobbled streets, including the tale of Katerina who killed a knight.

Thursday, October 13th

Would you be able to survive in the desert? In class today our students learned that they wouldn’t. Doesn’t matter, though. They are definitely able to survive on an island. In the afternoon they were free to roam around and many decided to go to the gorgeous sandy beach of Ghajn Tuffieha Bay.

Friday, October 14th

On Friday we went on a scavenger hunt around St. Julian’s and received certificates for successfully completing the lessons at the language school. We’d like to thank ESE and Cooltours for organizing everything about our stay so perfectly!
We are returning to Austria on Saturday with lots of edible souvenirs in our luggage, a lack of sleep and countless memories that we’ll most likely still talk about in many years.